HELWIG CARBON High Performance Brush Holder for High
Spring Rate/High RPM accuracy and vibration control

Holder for Netgain Warp9, TranswarP9
Price $2100 includes backup ring

Holder for Netgain Warp11, TranswarP11
Price $2100 includes backup ring
(These both require brushes and installation.)

Lonestar EV Performance
is an approved
Helwig Carbon
High Performance Parts Dealer
Brush Set Netgain WarP9, TranswarP9,
Price $400 (set of 16)
Brush Set Netgain WarP11, TranswarP11
& ADC Price $450 (set of 16)
Lenco CS2 Transmission
Adapter 32 spline shaft  with
pilot bearing and seal surface  
complete with custom 32
spline coupler
Price $400 allow 4 weeks
1350 Rating for 3.5" adapter plate
Lenco CS2 Transmission
Adapter Plate to TH400
pattern on  Transwarp Motors
Price $600  - 1.5" spacing
Price $700  - 3.5" spacing
allow 4 weeks
Sets Face of Lenco 3.5" or 1.5" Away
from front face of Transwarp motor
All parts require a shipping cost. We accept checks,
e-check, ACHE transfer, paypal+3.25%, wire transfer+$25,
cash.  Motor prices are FOB Lemont, IL 60439-2612
International shipping is extra, please contact us. No
warrantee on racing parts after installation accept for
workmanship issues.
Dun&Bradstreet DUNS # 964038082
NETGAIN Motors, 9" and 11" with racing features.
  • Helwig "Split Red-Top" H-49 Racing Grade Brushes for
    Better Contact under High Power and High RPM.
  • All new larger 1/2" connection studs
  • Improved brush rigging
  • Dual brush wire leads (4 per brush)
  • Brush wear indicators
  • Additional lift eye holes (to ease installations)
  • Higher pressure spring to reduce bounce
  • New high flow fans
  • Copy of Netgain Shop Manual showing all parts and
    details on maintenance and operation.
  • Custom 32 Spline Impulse9 available, called
    TransImpulse9, race-lightened.
If you are buying two motors we will beat any advertised
price. Otherwise
10% below current listed MSRP.

Contact Us for a Complete Quote including shipping.

We are an approved Netgain Motors High Performance Dealer, we are
Lonestar EV Performance Parts of Lake Jackson, TX.
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TransWarP 9

WarP 9

The TransWarP
1500ftlbs torque not quite cutting it?
135mph not quite fast enough?
Try an underdrive or overdrive or both.
Go-Fast Goodies for the Electric Drag Racer
High-Performance Batteries
100C Peak "Sleeper Cells".  Drag Racing packs with the
highest KW/KG available and lowest $/KW.   3.7V cell chemistry,
remember to account for cell voltage and C rating to determine
final cost of your racing pack. As seen in DC Plasma,
Assault&Battery, and Panic in Detroit check out the links page
and the pictures of packs down below.
Cell Cost is $12/horsepower (drag racing peak power)
$120 per 6S module of 4.5Ahr at 100C Drag racing duty.
Planning Size each module is 2"x2"x8" at 0.78kg
Standard Lonestar EV Boxes are $500 assembled
here is a recent pack built
8P30S 3600A 125V charged $5400 Complete.
S(1200BHP peak @375V charged max for a Zilla) $16,200
Each pack is approx. 50-70lbs.

Specific Data - Actual(DCP)
>=5.9 HP/lb peak power
>=4.4 HP/lb continuous rating

>=9.7 kw/kg peak power
>=14.5 kw/liter peak power

192 wh/liter
128 wh/Kg
See pack design charts below.

Custom Packs Available.  Pack construction Lonestar EV Performance.
We are an approved Racing Lithium Ion cell importer, we are Lonestar EV
Performance of Lake Jackson, TX. Most kW/$ on the web

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Ampahaulic DC-DC Converter 100Amps for high voltage
DC packs.
enough power from other sources.

  • Input range 200 VDC to 700 VDC.
  • Maximum input current 10 amps.
  • Bus load with control circuit off, 90 K-Ohms.
  • Input capacitance 80 uF maximum.

  • Control "ignition" input voltage range 10 to 28 VDC
  • Current drawn by control lead < 150 mA

  • Output voltage 13.8 volts DC +/- 5%
  • Output current 100 amps maximum
  • Output protection auto-reset electronic current limit
  • Guaranteed to survive output short circuit but fuse may blow if
    resulting input current draws down input voltage.
  • PCB dimensions 4" by 16" component height is approx. 4"
    depending on cooling option.
  • PCBA operating temperature range -40 to +70 C
  • Cooling water temperature range -20 to +80 C at outlet.
  • (Minimum inlet temperature depends on flow rate.)
  • Input protection non-resettable fuse. (Excess voltage or
    reverse polarity may damage unit.)
  • (and if anybody would want to they can be paralleled along
    common input and output bus bars for increments of 100 amps.
  • Comes standard air cooled requiring case fan but optionally can
    be fitted with water cooling as shown below.
Here is a shot from one customers build with an acrylic
box, water cooling option and remotely operated relay
panel built in.

Price $1000 - includes Converter board only.

Contact Us for a Complete Quote including shipping.

Lonestar EV Performance Parts of Lake Jackson, TX.
Brush Set Helwig Brush Holders
Price $450 (set of 16)
Transwarp "Now with Reverse           2-1 Overdrive
.                                                          w/ 11" Drop
Ask about Forward/Nuetral/Reverse Unit we can
add to your twin Warp motor system.
Basic Men's Tee Shirt  S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL    $20
3" X 5"  Oval Bumper Sticker   $10
We can also supply, Manzanita Micro products, Orion
BMS, and other parts to make your system a turnkey