Here is the possible combo list of Electric Powered Junior Dragster Kits.....
For all kits you will need:
Lonestar EV Performance Battery Kit bundle price $3244 includes:
One 150V "Sleeper Cell" battery pack  $2600
Fuse and fuse holder $75
One 150V battery charger 110VAC 30 minute turn-around $569
One 150V battery charger 220VAC 10 minute turn-around add $135

Then your choices
Stage 3 "Beyond 7.9" 100HP kit $5070 includes:
One Brushed DC Motor $2200
One Brushed DC Controller $2450
One Contactor $75
One Throttle $125
One set Power Cables and lugs $100
One Overspeed sensor $120
130ftlbs torque (flat to 4000rpm)
4000rpm max
130lb motor
15lb controller
Heavy but gentle&strong pull all the way through to end.


Stage 2
Lightweight "8.9-7.9" 75HP Kit $3600 includes:
Two Brushless DC Motors $1200
Two Brushless DC Controllers $1800
Two Contactors $150
Two Throttles $250
Two sets Power Cables and lugs $200
160ftlbs torque (flat to around 2500rpm)
5000rpm max
36X2=72lbs motors
10lbs controllers
Lots of power in this lightweight kit. Gear it to win.


Stage 1
Lightweight 11.9-8.9 40HP kit $1300 includes:
Single Brushless DC Motor $600
Single Brushless DC Controller $900
Battery pack deduct $-500
One Contactor $75
One Throttle $125
One set Power Cables and lugs $100
80ftlbs torque (flat to around 2500rpm)
5000rpm max
36lb motor
10lb controller
Introduction to Electric Powered Junior Dragster

Stage 3 total
$3244+$5070= $8314
Stage 2 total
Stage 1 total
Stage 1 can be upgraded to stage 2 only.

You will also need to assemble this kit and accessory wire and mount motors
and install lights and operator switches, small 12V fuses and other such small
items.  Read EPJD rulebook on NHRA or IHRA before ordering kits. This kit does
not include all items that the JEGS kit does. You will also need gears chains and
sprockets and mounting plates, most are available at JEGS. Battery balance
monitoring equipment available also.

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ACHE transfer, paypal+3.25%, wire transfer+$25, cash.   
International shipping is extra, please contact us. No
warrantee on racing parts after installation accept for
workmanship issues.
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We can also supply, Manzanita Micro products, Orion BMS, and other
parts to make your system a turnkey solution.  Discounts available:
Sponsorship, Education, Bundle Package Price, NEDRA members
We can also provide drag race modeling for your next project.
Compare various motors, batteries, transmissions, etc....
These bundles packages reflect MSRP of some of the most
popular combinations, there may be considerable discounts
available if order as multiple bundles or with additional spares.
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