Lenco CS2 Transmission
Adapter 32 spline shaft  with
pilot bearing and seal surface  
complete with custom 32
spline coupler
Price $400 allow 4 weeks
1350 Rating for 3.5" adapter plate
Lenco CS2 Transmission
Adapter Plate to TH400 Price
$600  - 1.5" spacing
Price $700  - 3.5" spacing
allow 4 weeks
Sets Face of Lenco 3.5" or 1.5" Away
from front face of Transwarp motor
1500ftlbs torque not quite cutting it?
135mph not quite fast enough?
Try an underdrive or overdrive or both.
Go-Fast Goodies for the Electric Drag Racer

We offer several options for racing drivetrains.
Our most popular is simple motors connected in a direct drive
arrangement to your existing system. This can be done with or
without an existing transmission.  Please call us to discuss.

More and more folks are switching to arrangements we helped
pioneer like multiple overdrives, gear boxes, gang boxes,
extremely low rear end gears, tall tires, underdrive/overdrive
Transwarp "Now with Reverse
Basic Men's Tee Shirt  S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL    $20
3" X 5"  Oval Bumper Sticker   $10
We can also supply, Manzanita Micro products, Orion
BMS, and other parts to make your system a turnkey
2-1 Overdrive w/ 11" Drop  - $4000 (incl. 2 plates)
Additional Motor Plates $200
Lenco Plate $200
Other transmission arrangements can be
made.  Below is two speed with double
overdrive.  This drivetrain holds the current
1/2 mile standing start speed record at