Metric PC Systems LLC is in the business of Post Cremation processes
to fill a unique void in the market.
The owner, John Metric,  has been working with high temperature DC Plasma furnaces for over
twenty years. One day he thought that is how he would like to be remembered by being fused in one
of his own DC Plasma furnaces. And then it came to him, how many more people would like to skip
the ash stage and go right to how mother earth intended it. He tried it out on pet remains and saw
that it could work.
No Tiny spec of ash encased in Jewelry, but the entire amount in a large
display quality ornamental Geode-like crystalline Agate.
Unique Qualifications
The process was first tried in a custom built DC Plasma furnace whose unique shape and cooling
creates a void in the center of the crystal and the unique chemical makeup of the remains and any
included soil create a synthetic Agate crystalline structure. We wish we could turn the ashes into a
Diamond but the crematory burns all the Carbon out and there is nothing left to make a diamond.  
We can however, fuse together the remainder and create some unique agate like stones, some can be
as beautiful as a diamond.
About Us