Our Services
LifeGeode TM  Interment Memorials
Dignity, Art, and Fusion
At all times we will treat your loved ones remains with the utmost respect and care when in our
hands. Our facility is like a clean room laboratory even though the process is very hot. All of the
original weight is accounted for at the end of the process. We can issue a certificate of authenticity
and analysis to show the final chemical makeup of your loved one for verification purposes.
Witness: You are welcome to observe the process yourself.
Chain of Custody: We use complete Chain of Custody rules to make sure your loved one
is never lost. We have a 100% track record and it will remain that way. We can transport
from the Crematory to our laboratory to you without hassles. We can split the ashes so you
may have some to spread in the traditional way if you wish.

Forever interment:  In the old days, our parents might have requested to  be interred in
the back yard under the old oak tree. Now you can include some natural soil from the place
that your loved one would be interred or would have cared to be interred. This adds a unique
aspect to LifeGeode Interment. It changes the structure and nature of the final LifeGeode.

Coloring: Through the addition of various natural minerals we can add color to your
LifeGeode if the standard form is not awesome enough.

Inclusion of Anything: We can include such things as sand from their favorite beach (or
desert), soil from the child hood home, rocks from their favorite mountain, salt from their
favorite ocean. Almost anything that will fit could be added to the fusion process. Even a
husband's ashes could be fused together with his wife's for eternal togetherness.