Description of Services
We do not mark up the transportation of your loved ones remains so we ask that you send them to
us after agreeing to our terms and conditions.  Our furnace laboratory is outside of Houston Texas
and the transformation process takes about a week of which is mostly cooling time. Remember we
are trying to simulate the process of the earths formation of Geode. We use a strict chain of custody
philosophy, meaning each time the remains are moved they are uniquely identified and handed off to
the next step in the process.
Examples of Previous Unique LifeGeode Fusions
Transportation, Chain of Custody and Time
Each person in their life had a path of taking certain vitamins, eating certain foods, and exercising and
replenishing these vitamins and minerals.  In addition, if you include a container of the soil of which
you feel best represents where your loved one would like to be eternally interred, each LifeGeode
will have a completely unique chemical makeup which will give it its own structure and color.
Samples of LifeGeode
To the left is a typical LifeGeode as
it is first split in two. To the right is
after we add the step of polishing the
LifeGeode TM  Interment Memorials
Our Products
Interesting Things To Do with your LifeGeode Interment memorial
We can join your loved one with jewelery or make something artistic like a display cut or other set of
artwork like shown below. We can recommend some nice museum quality display stands.