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Personal Artwork you can display forever.
After cremation a body loses all its Carbon and water and you are left with a fine grey powder.  It is
not very attractive and is usually hidden in an urn or scattered back to the earth.

However, this actually makes a wonderful material to turn into beautiful agate-like crystals if given
the right amount of heat and time.  At LifeGeode Interment we take all or a portion of your loved
ones crematory remains (not a tiny pinch) and some natural earth from where ever you wish or
possibly some salt from the ocean of your choice and fuse the ashes in a specially designed furnace
that can get about as hot as the surface of the sun and cool the fused material over a prescribed
amount of time to give a stone that will have 100% unique structure and 100% unique color
depending on the vitamins and minerals that were in the body and the minerals in the earth given to
Unique Memorial to your loved ones life.
100% Guaranteed Unique Chemistry, Structure and Color
Guaranteed to Last 10,000 years or Re-fusion is free.
Guaranteed not to spill and end up in a vacuum cleaner bag 300 years from now.
Unique "DC Plasma" Furnace Design
Furnace designed to not spread the ash when power is applied. Furnace uses plasma jet to keep
reintroducing the ash back into the molten pool. Furnace can incorporate any soil or any type of
item that you wish to fuse together with your loved one.
Utmost Dignity and Respect Given to the remains during the Transformation
From transportation, chain of custody certification, unique segregation and identification, the utmost
respect for your loved one is observed at all times. Processed in a clean-room laboratory
environment we can add additional services as required.
LifeGeode TM  Interment Memorials